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Chen Reiss
Le Rossignol et la Rose



1 Sweeter than roses (Purcell)
2 Le rossignol des lilas (Hahn)
3 Rote Rosen (Richard Strauss)
4 Die verschwiegene Nachtigall (Grieg)
5 Die Nachtigall (Berg)
6 Die Nachtigall (Krenek)

7 Roses et papillons (Franck)
8 Le mariage des roses (Franck)
9 Les deux roses (Viardot)
10 Das Rosenband (Richard Strauss)
11 Die Rose, die Lilie, die Taube, die Sonne 0.44 (Schumann)

12 Meine Rose (Schumann)
13 An die Nachtigall (Brahms)
14 Zur Rosenzeit (Grieg)
15 Vanne, o rosa fortunata (Bellini)
16 La rosa y el sauce (Guastavino) 2.27

17 Ablösung im Sommer (Mahler)
18 Die Rosenblätter (Meyerbeer)
19 Heidenröslein (Schubert)
20 Ich sah ein Röschen am Wege stehn (Weber)

21 Le rossignol et la rose (Saint-Saëns)
22 Les roses d’Ispahan (Fauré)
23 Shnei Shoshanim (Two roses) (Zeira)
24 A nightingale sings to the rose (Rimsky-Korsakov)
25 A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (Sherwin)


Chen Reiss



1 Tremo, bell’idol mio 4.14
Aria of Armida from the opera Armida
Premiered at the Wiener Burgtheater on 2 June 1771
2 Giunse alfin il momento…Deh vieni, non tardar 4.25
Aria of Susanna from Le nozze di Figaro K492
Premiered at the Wiener Burgtheater on 1 May 1786
3 Voi avete un cor fedele K217 6.30
Aria of Dorina for Galuppi’s Le nozze di Dorina
Dated 6 October 1775
4 Sinfonia from Il matrimonio segreto 6.01
Premiered at the Wiener Burgtheater on 7 February 1792
5 Perdonate, signor mio 6.09
Aria of Carolina from Il matrimonio segreto
Premiered at the Wiener Burgtheater on 7 February 1792
JOSEPH HAYDN (1732–1809)
6 Quando la rosa Hob. 24b/3 1.43
Aria of Nannina for Anfossi’s La Metilde ritrovata
7 Signor, voi sapete Hob. 24b/7 3.10
Aria of Rosina for Anfossi’s Il matrimonio per inganno
Premiered on 3 July 1785 at Eszterháza
8 Vada adagio, Signorina Hob. 24b/12 4.15
Aria of Cardellina for Guglielmi’s La Quakera spiritosa
Premiered in 1787 at Eszterháza
9 Sinfonia from La scuola de’ gelosi 3.11
Premiered at the Wiener Burgtheater on 22 April 1783
10 Una donna a quindici anni 3.25
Aria of Despina from Cosi fan tutte K588
Premiered at the Wiener Burgtheater on 26 January 1790
11 Chi sa, chi sa, qual sia K582 3.11
Aria of Madama Lucilla for Martín y Soler’s opera Il burbero di buon core
 Premiered at the Wiener Burgtheater on 9 November 1789
12 Un moto di gioia K579 1.45
Aria of Susanna from Le nozze di Figaro
Performed at the Vienna revival of Figaro on 29 August 1789
13 Ah se in ciel, benigne stelle K538 7.05
Performed in Vienna in March 1788 as an interlude in C.P.E. Bach’s Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu

Total timing: 55.48