Intermezzi and Preludes from Italian Verismo

Domingo Hindoyan


Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Intermezzi and Preludes from Italian Verismo


Released 27/10/2023

An album of dramatic and passionate Preludes and Intermezzos from some of the most popular Italian operas, from Domingo Hindoyan and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Translations of works by early French and Russian realists, Stendahl, Pushkin and Balzac among them, crossed international borders to inspire
new homegrown styles of literary realism. The trend took hold in Italy in the 1870s where it was promoted by the authors Luigi Capuana and Giovanni Verga under the
banner of verismo, the Italian word for realism, and drew inspiration from the naturalism of Émile Zola and his disciples. Verga’s short story Cavalleria rusticana
(‘Rustic chivalry’) and the play that arose from it set the foundations for a new wave of Italian operas, with Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria rusticana serving as the genre’s enduring model