Reger: Concerto, 6 Intermezzi Op.45

Joseph Moog


Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Nicholas Milton, Director

Reger: Concerto, 6 Intermezzi Op.45


Released 26/11/2021



Reger, Max

Joseph Moog, after recording both Brahms’ piano concertos for ONYX, turns his attention to one of the most demanding and forbidding of piano concertos. Max Reger’s concerto dates from 1910. This rugged giant of a concerto displays all Reger’s formidable skill at using large orchestral forces with great clarity, making the piano part of the orchestral fabric. The concerto has much music that is both brilliant and poetic as well as passages of great turmoil. The album includes the 6 Intermezzi, which display a different facet of this complex composer. These are delightful pieces, tender, romantic with much poetry.