Garrett Keast


Chen Reiss, Soprano Stathis Karapanos, Flute Berlin Academy of American Music



Released 29/10/2021

A beautifully curated album that reflects the attraction of America to composers of many nationalities – the Russian born Stravinsky became a US citizen like so many European musicians fleeing war and persecution.

Dorman, an Israeli composer now domiciled in the US, and the Japanese Takemitsu’s delicate and touching musical depiction of Melville’s masterwork ‘Moby Dick’ are programmed alongside two American born composers. Urquhart, who is a pianist and enjoys a large following as a composer, also works closely with the Leonard Bernstein Office, and Copland, who’s ballet score ‘Appalachian Spring’ projects what many consider ‘the quintessential American sound of big landscapes. The big country that has provided a home to so many composers, and in turn given the world so much great music – a two-way transatlantic musical affair.